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Thread: Bu-353 stopped working

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    Locking problem solved

    Well it turns out that my problem was not having the puck upright or the normal position or whatever. I originally had it mounted sideways to the side panelling of my car in the window and couldn't get anything to lock. No more issues for me!

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    Good to hear. Think about it this way. A satellite TV dish is 18" and has to be positioned perfectly to get a signal from one single bird. A GPS is maybe 3" and has to listen to 12 of them simultaneously anywhere in a 90 degree view from up in all directions, so sideways would only give you half the sky. It should get some, but to traingulate, it needs something from at least 3 points on all sides so sitting flat gives it a full view (excluding the blocking from metal in the car).

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    Thanks all post. I intend to buy it.

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