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Thread: BU-353 Won't give stationary reading.

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    BU-353 Won't give stationary reading.

    Hey guys,

    So I got sick of connecting my bluetooth holux GPS reciever every time I wanted to use it and bought the highly reccomended BU-353 instead.

    However, with the gps puck sitting still, the thing refuses to give me a signal I can use; all of the readings jump around all over the place; direction is the worst one but lat/long and speed keep changing aswell.

    Have tried putting the unit in various places, is now sitting outside with a clear view of the sky with no cloud cover with a lock on 8 satellites but it's still jumping around.

    I've tried playing around with all of the settings; buffer, parity, baud rate, sirf/nmea, etc. but nothing seems to help.

    Can anyone point me in any direction pleeeeease!

    Cheers for any help.

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    It's normal to have a slight deviation when stationary. It's usually a a few feet and the direction will change.
    What happens when you go mobile? Is the location and direction of travel accurate?

    If not, you could very well have a faulty unit.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Have not put it in the car yet....will try it right now!

    It's quite a bit more than a few feet of deviation, more like random spots in a 500-600 meter radius.
    Just went for a quick 2 minute drive (The length of my laptop battery ). Took a few big jumps to pick up on the correct road and then it seemed okay....maybe a bit laggy; but that may be my hardware as opposed to the receiver.
    Direction was correct and I wasn't spinniing down the road like I thought I would be. I probably just need to stress less; I'll try it out more extensively once I get the computer back in my main car.
    Thanks for the quick reply!

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    500 - 600 meters? Even that is quite normal when testing indoor. GPS needs to be in the open, to be able to receive signals from multiple satellites in various locations in the sky.

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    Spinning when stationary is due to the fact that the GPS does not give any direction, just a location. Direction is only deduced when you start moving and the GPS readings change. GPS is accurate up to a few feet, so the inaccuracies may cause the arrow to spin when you have not moved. Jumping few hundred metres is unacceptable, but that should not be the case, unless the GPS loses satellite reception then the software interpolates your expected location.

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