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    Ok, complete re-do of set-up, fast forward 4 months later...finally get back to install, everything but this works.

    It's powered, I can see the red light on it flash every couple seconds, so the USB connection is there. BUT, there is no "prolific...." device showing in the manager. No port hub as per the old problem it had, nothing..

    I do not see it in the device manager at all. I've run the globalsat utility to find it, every comm port is "no device". And yes, only 2 comm devices are showing, and accounted for, touch interface on comm1, and the odblink serial-to-usb driver on comm3.

    This thing toast, or is there something else I can try, do, or look up that I've not tried? Ideas?

    EDIT: Ya, it's le fubar. Likely pinched/broke a wire at some point with the door inside it, not seen by the PC at all connecting it and disconnecting it on different usb ports. Could fix it, but for $35...not worth it. Time for a new one.
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