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Thread: drivers for BU-353 gps?

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    drivers for BU-353 gps?

    hi guys!

    i was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to send me the drivers for the globalsat BU 353 gps unit?

    i've tried downloading it from their site, but i think the files are mixed up? because when i download it then install it the program says 2303 not the 353. and it won't detect my GPS unit!

    anyone help? i've been searching all over the forums for a secondary link for the drivers but can't find one!

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    It's just the Prolific USB-to-Serial driver.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I know this is an old thread, but I just had a situation where the most recent driver from Prolific did not work. Global Sat has a driver for the PL2303 that they must custom adjust for the BU-353. Just wanted to share my experience.

    Just to add, the latest version of Xport kept saying invalid driver. It would see the GPS unit and the ports would enable but no info would pass to RideRunner or Inav. It would take 2 or 3 restarts of the computer for a lock of the GPS. After installing the Global Sat driver, the lock was instant again.

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