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Thread: OEM/Factory/Stock Audio Integration Products Companies

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    OEM/Factory/Stock Audio Integration Products Companies

    Here is a list of companies that make adapters and interfaces to integrate your audio electronics including amps, carputer, auxillary input, etc to your factory radio.

    Feel free to add to the list.

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    Audio integration products


    Also, we should include (or have a separate list) of open source
    hardware projects for audio integration of car PCs, MP3 players, etc.
    I have started an audio board which contains audio level adjustment
    and switching, for general purpose use. It also contains other features that
    can be optionally soldered in, e.g. ipod charger circuit, and a microcontroller
    for performing button detection, etc.
    The work is at and any ideas/contributions are welcome. So far, prototyping is done, will post up the circuit diagram and details very soon.

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