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Thread: Soliciting opinions on car audio setup & iPod emulator

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    Soliciting opinions on car audio setup & iPod emulator

    Howdy, you all.

    Just got my new shipment from Crutchfield, and thought I'd ask what folks think.

    I've got a 2000 Wrangler, and am putting the following in it:

    Head unit: Alpine CDA-9885
    It's got the pretty "BioLite" display, and what Alpine touts as "Full-Speed" iPod connectivity (more on that below). I'll probably eventually add the bluetooth adapter.

    Dash speakers: Polk db525's
    Recycled from a previous upgrade - they were in the sound bar, but I'm sticking them in the dash instead, replacing a pair of db420's using a 4"x6 " -> 5.25" adapter.

    Sound bar speakers: Infinity Reference 6012i's
    Word on the 'net says they should fit with a minimum of modification (the stock speakers were 5.25", these are 6.5")

    No external subs or amps ATM; I'll have to see how this stuff sounds before worrying about further investment.

    I don't own an iPod, but what I'm thinking of doing, to take advantage of the Alpine's "Full-Speed" iPod connectivity, and since I'll have the PC in the car anyway, is to fake the head unit into thinking that my PC is an iPod. I've got all the hardware that I'll need - female iPod adapter, TTL <-> RS232 circuit parts (MAX233 and such), etc. I just need to finish putting it together - and write the software, of course. The PC will talk to the head unit via a serial link over the iPod "dock" connector, and the line out audio will come from mplayer.

    Benefits to this (from my perspective) include:
    1. Unlimited size of the audio store - for instance, I've got an 80GB hard drive in the PC ATM, the size of the (current) largest iPod, and can go as high as I'd like
    2. Ability to play any audio format supported by mplayer (most of my collection is in FLAC format, though I'll transcode that to OGG for sync to the car)
    3. A warm fuzzy from being able to do this

    I'm calling the HW/SW I'm building the "pseudoPod" (pPod sounds ridiculous).

    Video isn't important to me, which is why I've ditched a custom front-end in favor of an iPod-aware head unit. I'll have a secondary display (Matrix Orbital VFD) to show data from my GPS mouse, like speed, altitude, compass direction, etc.

    Why? Well, why not?

    Any thoughts?

    Crap. Stared writing this as a "Car Audio" thread, then realized after I posted that I had drifted off-forum... Ah, well.

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    Sounds like a cool project, I have been thinking of doing a similar Psuedo Ipod interface myself, but I am just getting into the nuts and bolts of it.

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