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Thread: 04 Grand Prix Wiring question

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    04 Grand Prix Wiring question

    I just replaced my 99 olds alero with an 04 grand prix. I took my clarion deck out of the alero and I want to put it in the grand prix. I went up to best buy to get the wiring harness (metra) but the guy told me that I need some type of modular adapter because all newer-year GM cars have the different options like Onstar wired together. He said I can go with the universal GM wiring but ill lose alot of my sensors i.e. tire and oil pressure as well as the door chimes. Is there anyway around this? I really don't want to spend $150 on a wiring harness if i dont have to. Is it possible to have the universal GM wires and not lose those features? Please help me out. thanks.

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    As far as I know, there is no way around it. You might be able to find something cheaper though. Check out They have a bunch of different harnesses for this type of application.

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    Hey, another 2004 Grand Prix...

    You should be able to find those converters that keep your chimes, and allow aftermarket headunits.

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