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Thread: SWI-X ??? install help

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    SWI-X ??? install help

    I am trying to install the swi-x for my g35 infiniti. i am using the aai-nis2.

    thats the install manual. But it shows connectors and other stuff... NO idea what it's talking about. Considering on the AAI-NIS2 it says connect a few wires to it from the SWI-X.

    Has anyone installed one in nissian or infiniti, or could help me figure this out? i connected the switched power (+) and the wires it told me to connect, now about resistors, and the picture of some plug, they get me all confused.

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    No one??

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    I think if you did some searching you might find the rest of you info. It really only took me a few seconds. Maybe this will help.

    Combine that with your other link and I don't know what the problem is. It looks like all the info you need is there. ???

    yellow/black from aai to the yellow wire on the swi-x. Then follow the directions for the swi-x

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    i did that.... I have a bag of resisters, and stuff...

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