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Thread: 2000 mustang trouble? mach 460

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    2000 mustang trouble? mach 460

    My friend has a 2000 mustang convertable with the 460 mach stereo.. he wanted a new headunit and got a pioneer 8mp installed from abc warehouse...after a huge ordeal they gave him his money back and said it would never work after one day the sound stopped working and made i high pitch noise... Put the stock headunit back in and no sound still. What gets scared up with the new headunits? I know this is a common problem because iv read a few threads about it before and cant find them now. I pulled 1 amp apart and it didnt smell burnt and looked perfect. I wanna rewire it 100% and bypass those china amps all together and dont know what wire is what off the radio its self. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys and sorry if i mis spelled some stuff im really tired
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    Don't know if it'll help you, but I have MACH 460 and MACH 1000 wiring diagrams and info on the CarPCNetwork site...

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