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Thread: need help fast cars shorting out.

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    need help fast cars shorting out.


    Ok so me and my buddy are instaling a amp and sub and head unit in his 2002 gmc sonoma. Yesterday he had everything besides the wiring harness so we unhook the battery then take out the dash parts take out the stock head unit, run the power cord from the battery thru the firewall to the back of the cab and hide it and all (we never hooked it up to the batery) then ran the rc wires down the other side (we left them just siting at the back of the stock head unit). It got dark out so we figured wed finish up next weekend when the wiring harness comes in. So we put back in the head unit, then put the dash back on. So he starts up his car and drives home. This morning he went out to start his car and nothing. so we jump the batery and it starts. We let it idle ther for miniute and reved the engine. So we go to pull out of the drive way and the car shuts off. Wego to try to start it again and it wont start. What do you think i should try and check out?
    any help would be great.

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    If what your saying is accurate, it sounds like nothing you did. Since it does start with a jump, just not on its own, you have tested the starting system, move next to the battery. Let the battery charge on a charger for a while and retest. Likely it is the cause. You also should test the alternator, make sure its putting out a good 13+ volts at idle.
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    Check the alternator fuse
    It's been a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3rk View Post
    Check the alternator fuse
    Wassup Manus

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