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Thread: Need new power for cd player

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    Need new power for cd player

    I have had my 95 grand prix se for a while now and its always had some wierd electrical stuff, the seat belt chime+light come on only when the seatbelt is off, headlights on, and the unlock button is pressed down, there is a funny buzz comming from the dash when the headlights are turned on while the car is off, etc. All fuses in the car are good. All wire connections are secure. I removed the stock radio to install a new cd player using a wiring harness made for my car. My cd player will only turn on when my headlights are switched on, when I try inserting a cd, the cd player flickers and takes the cd in very slowly, now I cant get my cd out. Is there a way to rewire the power to my cd player so I can make it work right without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a mechanic to fix it?

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    this forum is for CarPC's...

    And just wire it direct to the battery with some alligator clips or something.
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    sounds like its time to start saving for anew car...

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    sounds like you might have wired your radio's power wire conencted to the wrong wire-probably dimmer or illumination wire. Make sure you have it wired with a constant 12V and switched ignition, not dimmer and illumination unless the radio has a wire for that.

    Also, I will restate this...this site is dedicated to installing carpcs, not headunits. There is a sticky that you might to read. hint hint

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