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Thread: Power cable question

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    Power cable question

    I installing a stereo for the first time and was wondering what guage power cable I should get. I have a 5 channel amp and a 2 channel amp. The power cable will run into a power core 15 farad cap then from that into the amps and the TIDD10 that I have. The TIDD10 will be mostly full running my screens my head unit and assorted other stuff. I thought someone said run a 1/0 cable. the other problem is that I want to add a curicuit breaker but is the one for that size wire going to be set to high to even protect anything?

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    Probably looking quite big around 16mm to 25mm (unsure on gauge sizing- 1-2), as for a circuit breaker this only is there to protect the cable noe the equipment so nothing more than 140 - 200 amp at my best attempt. I could be wrong but thats what i have run for my 5 Ch and no probs so far
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