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Thread: speakers stop when car stops

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    nope - not at all...guess it was just the battery then!
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    you're still right though... doesn't matter if he's running no amp at all, if the alternator is working overtime to charge a battery that won't hold up, it could eventually fizzle out. I'd still get it checked as a precaution
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    Yeah I will still check the alternator out thanks yall.

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    At this point, I would have the alt tested to protect the new battery, not the stereo.

    A weak alt will allow the battery to be in a constant state of discharge. This will allow sulfation and will drastically shorten the life of the battery. It could allow the battery to "pass on" in as little a few months to a year.

    Also, a bigger battery demands more from the alternator to maintian it's charge. too "big" of a battery and the alt will not be able to keep up and leads to the aforementioned sulfation problems.

    it really is a system and must be built as such.

    If the battery was listed as a replacement battery for your car, you should be alright though.



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