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Thread: alpine deck faceplate extension

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    alpine deck faceplate extension

    have an 9801 and im having a hard time with it, spent like 5 days on it.
    well anyways im using 22 gauge and i can get it all to turn on and volume to work and what not but none of the other buttons, and the only way i can get it to turn on is with first turning it on with it normal then with the extension.

    anyways i have tried with with only only 1 foot of 22 gauge,
    that works
    then i cut the 1 down to like 8 inchs and then put 3 feet of 14 gauge and i can get it to light up but then the buttons dont work.

    anyways just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

    i have redone it like 10 times and its starting to make me upset.

    sorry for the rant but im like so close yet so far.

    thanks if you got any tips or into
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    Old thread I know, but did you ever manage to get this working correctly? I am in the process of wanting to extend my Pioneer faceplate

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    I got the CDA-9851R model, and was needing to extend the front panel 3 meters, that did work wit flat cable (the type you use inside computers) but the buttons didn't work. I put on my oscilloscope, and saw that the electronics in the front panel did not drive the cable well, read the datasheet for the IC that sent the data and the output is Open collector, that means that it does not have the strength to drive the cable properly. I soldered in an 74HC04 circuit and put the signal though two hex inverters, and now it works perfectly.

    // Per.

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