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Thread: 6.5" Component Speakers Polk,Focal,Boston

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    not to get in a ****ing contest but listening to speakers in a showroom isn't really a good judge of quality. They are going to sound a lot different in your car. **** listening to speakers in someone elses car isn't necessarily indicative of what they'll sound like in yours...

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    trust your ears. If you liked the way they sounded go for them.

    The advantage of the components is to lace the tweeter in a more ideal location and a better crossover. If the coaxials sound better you and will make installation easier for you then go that route. Just beware that the car environment can be much different then the showroom. Like

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    Yeah.. I've only listened to the Focal 165 A1's in one showroom and the Polk Audio MOMO 6500 and Polk Audio db6501's in a different showroom. Between the Polk's I think the MOMO's sounded better, but I'd have to hear the Focal's and Polk's side by side to compare. Now if only they'd let me test them in my vehicle before I bought them . I think I'm going to get a set of MOMO MMC-6500 Components off of eBay.
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    coax are definitely a lot easier to install. Proper tweeter positioning and location is key for a good setup as I quickly learned last year. My original plan was to mount them in the stock tweeter location-up near the side mirrors until speaking with a few people online and install shop. Ended up making kick panels to go down near my feet but it was well worth the work!

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    Buy the pioneer prs's. Read the reviews above. Best set you can get for 200.
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