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Thread: 03 Jetta Rear Deck Opinions

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    03 Jetta Rear Deck Opinions

    Ok, so I'm wanting to put my Kicker CompVR 12's into the rear deck of my 03 Jetta and was just trying to get some different ideas on how to go about doing it.

    Here's some shots of the rear deck and the trunk underneath:





    As far as I know, that box in the trunk is part of the Monsoon Sound System. Also, the rear deck itself doesn't seem extremely sturdy although the box will probably take care of that.

    The box I have now was designed by Kicker and it's a ported box. I'd really like to stick with a ported box if I could.

    So really my question is, how would you guys go about mounting them and making a new box design?

    Here's the box I have just not the solars (and mine is ported):


    Don't know if it makes a difference or not because I'm sure I'll have to make a new box anyhow.

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    why even post if it's no help or relevance to the thread? stop being a troll...

    anyhow, my question to you is why does it matter to you what my reasons for doing it are? why does anyone mod there vehicles at all?

    if you must know, its because i want more sound from the subs in my cab than in my trunk.

    so anyone else with actual input have any suggestions?

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