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Thread: carPC is in the trunk. USB radio dongle is in the trunk. OEM antenna jack...

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    carPC is in the trunk. USB radio dongle is in the trunk. OEM antenna jack... near the touchscreen.

    Will I encounter problems with power/reception extending the antenna adaptor from the usb dongle to the OEM antenna jack? Prolly gonna need about 5-6 ft. of cabling.

    I've thought about just hacking it up straight into the wiring in my rear windshield, but it also has an integrated defroster and I'm not sure I wanna mess with that, even if I knew how.

    Trying to integrate the silabs USB radio into my carPC.

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    Hmm, all that extra antenna wire may cause a problem (reception-wise). Maybe running a USB extension cable from the trunk to the front would be better, I think USB can "go" for longer distances without a problem, while the antenna is already far (rear to front, then front to rear might be too much). I agree with not messing with the wiring in the windshield, if you mess up either you need a new windshield or an (ugly) external antenna good luck!

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