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Thread: Audio Setup -Will it Work?

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    Audio Setup -Will it Work?

    Hi guys , i wouldn't say im new to this but advice would be welcome.

    currently i have the follow setup, i use the CD-Input in the back of the radio to control the volume and bass, etc.. for the laptop . it works perfectly , no probs. (see image)

    but i plan on getting a 2002-2003 celica and the radio is a radio and CD player in one and its not a standard Din slot (not even an equal double DIN).
    so i can only put in the display there with maybe a small coin holder or something. so it is possible to this this
    (but doing this i lose the cd /radio player).

    any other ideas?

    i like the idea of control the output with the radio so i dont want to lose it , so where else can i place my din slot screen?

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    i see a that some have removed the radio and some have place the screen over the radio, but i feel that i would get alot of light reflection of the screen at that hight.

    so im down to replace the radio/CD for the ideal loactiion but lose the quick and easy access to volume controls.

    or keep the CD/Radio but lose the ease of readability to the screen...

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    Your second picture is how it is done without going through the head unit. so you're on track there.

    You can add a usb device if you want an easily accesed volume control. Some people make thier own rotary encoders, but I just bought a griffin power mate and plugged it in. as a side bonus, it can be programmed for many other functions.

    Can't give you any advice on how to perorm your install in the celica's dash though. You'll need someone who has done it before or make it up as you go.

    Good luck

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    thanks for the tip,

    its a nice idea. im afraid to lose the cd/radio player , cause it soo nice
    i might have to mount it in the top. and keep my orginal design... if the radio/cd has cd changer input.

    might have to do some major fabication... ...was trying to avoid that....

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    looks like i might have been wrong

    '05 Celica TS

    looks like it is a double din slot??? wish i could get a confirmation...

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