I searched and found a lot of topics on alternator whine, but nothing quite the same as my problem.

When driving, I can hear every bump, every piece of gravel and every bit of road noise through my speakers. I have established that the problem lies between the computer and the amp. The noise does not come through my speakers until windows hits the login screen. (when the sound card turns on)

I have a Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Roadie. There is about 10 feet of cable including USB and RCA, so I have the cables wound into a circle. Could this be causing the cable to act like an antenna? Would having the cable somewhat near the Ground cable be a problem?

If anyone has any experience with this I'd appreciate the help.

PS- My RCA cables are what I would call "semi-cheap". They're Radioshack quality but I do not believe they are shielded very well.