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Thread: Best way to wire 2 subs?

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    Best way to wire 2 subs?

    Nvm decided to just go with 1 sub =)

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    you need to provide more information...

    like how big are the subs, how much RMS power do they require, what's the voice coil configuration, etc.

    Your question is so generic it's going to cause a lot of problems.
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    2 JL w6v2's Dual 4 ohm voicecoils. 400-500 RMS Each (each sub not each coil)

    I have been considering 2 JL 500/1 Amps a friend of mine also has a spare 1200W RMS Mono Hifonics Brutus if its possible to safely wire both subs into 1 amp

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    With two dual 4-Ohm voice coils your wiring choices are:

    One Amp:
    All in parallel = 1-Ohm
    Each voice coil in parallel, subs in series = 4-Ohm
    Voice coils in series, subs in parallel = 4-Ohm
    Voice coils in series, subs in series = 16-Ohm

    Two amps:
    Voice coils in parallel = 2-Ohm load
    Voice coils in series = 8-Ohm load

    One amp: I doubt you want to to do the all in series because of the relatively high value. Don't know what the Brutus is rated at with a 4-Ohm load, but you would want 1KW for max power (based on ratings your provided for subs). I don't know if the Brutus amp can handle a 1-Ohm load.

    Two amps: Again I doubt if you want to do the series wiring. The JL amps can handle the 2-Ohm load fine (but will cost a bunch more than a single Brutus).

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