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Thread: Anyone with a Pioneer CD-BTB200?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pancit175 View Post
    I have good and bad news for you Octavio.

    The good news is that I looked at the users manual available on pioneer's website, and page 8 it says that when using a compatiable pioneer screen it does display the Battery strength indicator and the Signal level indicator, but it does depend on the phone's bluetooth capabilities.

    The bad news for you is that the CD-BTB200 may not be as compatible with the AVH-P4900DVD as the other models. There are some conflicting results. The website states that the compatible models are the:AVIC-D3, AVH-P7800DVD, AVH-P6800DVD, AVH-P5900DVD, DEH-P6900UB, DEH-P690UB, DEH-P5900IB, DEH-P590IB, DEH-P4900IB, DEH-P490IB.
    But the manual does state on page 25, 29, &30:
    *Head unit group 3
    *The following head units featuring touch
    *panel key operation.
    *AVH-P7600DVD, AVH-P6600DVD, AVHP5700DVD,

    So some functions may be limited or different with the combination of your units using the CD-BTB200. That may mean that it may not display the level indicators that you said you would like and it may seem (if i'm reading this correctly, and I hope that I can) as if it treats the CD-BTB200 as a separate source.

    Like I said earlier, you should check out the users manual online, because that might answer most of your questions.
    thanks Pancit for taking you're time to help me out

    I recently send a email to asking about many things and this is what the told me

    Subject : RE:Hook up and Operation|A00002|5058490881 [#1116159]


    Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics, Inc.
    Ye sit compatible with the BTB-200, no it does not play Dvix, and it only has
    factory backgrounds, meaning you can not add additional backgroung pictures.

    Thank You,

    Customer Service Representative

    I was asking about the backgrounds and stuff

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