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Thread: Can't tune XM sound through line in

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    Can't tune XM sound through line in

    I've had my carputer up and running for a couple months now, but something is still bugging me. I have a USB Turtle Beach Roadie with a XMPCR running into the line-in. I finally have my equalizer all set and have good sound coming out when playing mp3's, cds, etc...but the equalizer won't do anything to the XM. Also, my sub is plugged into the c/s output on the soundcard and when listening to XM, the sub doesn't get any signal.

    Am I missing some setting or something? XM is supposed to have much better sound, but I can't get that good sound if I can't tune it.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I can't seem to find anything in the forum.

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    Have you tried listening to your XM radio through Winamp? i.e., using the line in plug-in? and setting RR to us it also. This should get you some EQ. Its how I have mine setup, but I don't run an external soundcard so I can't help there. Search for line-in plug-in in the RoadRunner forum should be lots of help there.
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    Thanks GizmoQ. I found exactly what I was looking for.

    If anyone else is having this problem, here is the solution

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