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Thread: Wiring Labels for a 2DIN DVD/GPS - NEED HELP

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    Wiring Labels for a 2DIN DVD/GPS - NEED HELP

    i have purchase and installed my new 2DIN DVD/TV/GPS system and it is all up and running fine. Because it is a Chinese OEM product the manual is brief, and i have wired the normal wires for power being the 12v, Ground & Ignition 12v but there is another wire labeled "KEY". I have no idea what this is for and neither does the importer who i purchased it from. I wouldn't imagine that their would be two wires for the 12v ignition key switch but has anyone else come across this kind of wire label before and if so what is it?

    Also, there is another wire labeled "Car back Backsight Power" not sure on this one either.

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    Is this a carputer or a headunit?

    If it's a headunit see here

    Sorry I can't help you, this is the problem with buying inexpensive goods, no much support or good support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazlin View Post
    "Car back Backsight Power" .
    I'm 99% sure that's probably a camera that you could hook up for backing up. Exactly how many other wires are there? You should have more than just Ground, IGN, and power since you're going to need the sound input. There usually is a whole mess of wires in the back. Maybe provide us with a picture...?
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