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Thread: audio with no head unit

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    audio with no head unit

    I'm new to the car computer scene, but not to the computer scene. I want to install a car computer in my vehicle as cheaply as possible. At the same time I do not want to run a head unit, but I would like to keep using the factory speakers and maintain a separate subwoofer volume control. I will be running two amplifiers, one for highs/mids (separate of factory speakers) and one for subwoofers. What's the simplest way to go about something like this and maintain quality sound and the desired controls?

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    Check out the Car Audio FAQs section at the top of the car audio sub-forum. That should help you get started.
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    Audio outs from whatever sound card you are using to the line in's on the amps.

    Check the car audio section for more detailed and great info


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