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    Starting out

    Wondering. I have 2000 buick century. what would the best set up for sub woofers . i would like to have two 12 inch subs, 1000+ each. How do I go about with good set-up.

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    This forum is dedicated to CarPCs and installing them in your car.

    The car audio forum is dedicated to integrating your car audio system with your CarPC.

    For specific questions related to car audio equipment systems that do not include CarPCs, I would recomend checking out car audio specific forums:
    et. al.

    There is a chance that someone on here might have an answer for you, I would just hate for you to wait around for it when I know you could get an answer much quicker on a dedicated forum.

    Good luck.

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    1000 watts each is a hole metric poop ton. What kind of amps and subs are you looking to get to produce that. You might be better off going for a low watt rating on a quality amp. Read the FAQ that redGTI put up in the audio FAQ thread. Rijndael lists amp and speakers and subs and explains in detail on how it all works, and what makes it sound loud, and what makes it sound good.

    I can tell you for sertain though that a 250D memphis amp which puts out an RMS of 250watt will blow away a 1000 watt sony explode amp. You get what you pay for.
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