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Thread: I am in need of lil bit of help!!!

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    I am in need of lil bit of help!!!

    Please help I have a citroen picasso (2000 x reg) and have bought a sony cdx-gt30rn head unit, but.... I want to keep my steering wheel controls but have been informed the unit need a blue socket at the rear (RM-X4S or RM-X2S port) which I dont think mine has???? As you may have guessed when it comes to car electrics Im a bit of a dope. I have been told I can get an adaptor (Autoleads PC9-134) is there a way around my head unit not looking like it has this port??? Or does anybody know any head units with the above ports???

    Any help would be gratefully recieved as I am a bit stuck!!!!

    Thanks in advance to anybody who replies!!!!

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    How about a CarPC with the steering wheel control adapter from the store?
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