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Thread: Clif Designs

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    Clif Designs

    How many people here have heard of the company clif designs? I haven't seen much about them, and searching the site here turns up only two hits, about their speakers. I'm looking into getting (2) CD30.2LX amplifiers from them. I like their clean look and they have the RMS power range I'm looking for.

    I'm looking at getting
    (2) Cadence Audio Component Speaker kits.
    - 4 ohms/ch
    - rated 100w RMS/ch
    (1) 2004 10" Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 DVC
    - 4 ohms/coil
    - rated 400w RMS

    the CD30.2LX is a two channel amplifier rated as follows:
    200w RMS x 2 @ 2 ohms
    500w RMS x 1 @ 2 ohms

    I want to run the sub with one amp bridged with the DVC at a total 2 ohm impedance
    The second will run the components, 1 pair per channel (left and right) in parallel for a 2 ohm impedance as well.

    Does anyone know anything about sound quality from these units? I like the write ups about them, but most are from distributers and are obviously going to be biased.

    The amps are in the $150 range each (off ebay) and $200-$300 retail

    any ideas and opinions would be greatly appreciated
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    I've used these amps before. They are pretty good amps but, they aren't the greatest for sub applications. Other than that, they look good and run pretty clean.

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    they are ok, but looking at the board design I wouldn't say great...
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    That picture there is of the CD3.2LX which was the older model, i can't imagine it changed much though.

    Thanks for the input.
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    that's a lot of waisted space!

    tells me that are full of marketing hype and not much action.
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    Well i ordered two units the other day. They should come in a day or two. Ill let everyone know how they go. In any case, they cannot be worse than the pyramid crap i have now...

    There is alot of wasted space in the 3.2... The 30.2 which i ordered, is about two inches narrower and a half inch shorter. So they cut down on some of the wasted space.
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