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Thread: Windows has multiple levels of volume controls. How to set properly?

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    That is a good question that I don't have an answer to. Does centrafuse use the windows kmixer still to change volume or can volume adjustment be performed directly in DirectX? Maybe ask the developer or specifically in his forum. Or do some research on DirectX.

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    The Media Player is the exact reason i am not using Centrafuse, i really like the software though..

    The way I understood Centrafuse is adjusting the windows master volume remotely...

    That and the lack of support for FLAC files did it in for my frontend.
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    So leaving WAV and master volume at 100% and using winamp if needed to adjust output level is a good (simple) choice.

    Bypassing kmixer with some type of kernel streaming plugin to winamp is a better sound quality choice (but more complicated install/configure/troubleshoot & may require resampling media files to 24-bit?).

    Can someone expand on this a little?

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