Write-up on how to select the right speakers and apropriate amplification.

Mind you, this is NOT a discussion thread, but only has the sole purpous to help people on their way chosing an audio system

- Well, we start by looking what the goals with the system are.

(1) In my opinion there are 4 categries (discussable):

- Daily use
- SQ or Sound Quality
- SPL or Sound Pressure Level
- SQL or a cobination of group 2 and 3.

(2) After you have chosen what level you want to be in, here's another one to chose from:

2.1: filtering

- fully active
- semi-active
- pure passive
- tri-mode

2.2: processing

- analogue
- digital befire ore-amp
- digital after pre-amp

(3) Jup another list to choose from

3.1: front stage:

- fullrange
- coax
- triax
- 2-way
- 3-way

3.2: sub (first of all, think about if you need one. If you carefully pick your frontstage drivers, it might be you could do without)

- sealed
- vented
- bandpass
- free-air
- passive
- push/pull construction

- So you have chosen which way you want to go with your system.... So here's the next question you would want to think about: "What's my budget?"

- After you have determined how much you gonna steal from your parents/boss/wife/fiance(not for very long anymore she won't ), it's time to think about rather you want to go with already existing car-audio equipment ot want to go the DIY-route for speakers. If you chose to go the DIY-route with speaker, visit www.diymobileaudio.com.

- You've been a sweet kid this year so santa promissed you a set of speakers and (an) amp(s) that you ofcourse may buy with your own (stolen) money, so what should be the next thing you have to do? Yep indeed, go listen to speakers that are within your price-range, or even a little higher, so that you eventually can still decide to save up for something better instead of buying instantly

- Now you've bought all the right stuff from the renomated brands instead of the crap you thought about buying, you can install all you want. But don't forget to dampen your doors first and put all your wiring in the right place

This tutorial is still in progress, so don't shoot me if some parts of info aren't there yet.