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Thread: Sub Noise

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    Sub Noise

    I have a 2007 Mustang with VIA CN13000/Opus 120/PDX100 amp/Turtle Beach Roadie sound card.

    I have no noise from my front 6x8 and rear 6x9s. I can unplug the subs and there is no noise.

    The stock door subs are getting noise from the engine. I have them hooked up to the center/sub channel connection with a stereo splitter to mono adapter to get only the sub, then a connector from the mono plug to RCA connectors. The RCA go into the harness for the stock door subs, which have their own stock amps. (Is there a better way to do this?)

    I've tried an ground loop isolator and read the FAQ for getting rid of the sound.

    The connectors pick up the noise like an antena. I can move the connectors and get different degrees of noise. The isolator does the same. Is there a way to shield the area where the connection is made?

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    Noise and RCA Cables

    I've slightly improved the noise issue by running the RCA cables down the center console of the car. I still get some noise while the engine is running. I'm going to try and ground the RCA cables and see if that helps.

    Anyone know of the correct way to do this? Do I need to ground both RCA cables?

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    try running a ground wire from the chassis of the computer to the negative of the amplifier for the factory sub. you're getting a ground loop from the difference between the computer/sound card ground and the factory amplifier. if you want, the outside of the rca's is ground, try plugging it in, wrapping a wire around so its touching the outside and grounding it to the same ground as the soundcard. that may help but a seperate ground connecting all of your components would be better

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