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Thread: HU to PC or PC to HU

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    HU to PC or PC to HU

    Hi I have been doing some reading and seem to be getting contradictory results.
    I am building a car PC and have installed a JVC HU with 24 bit processing and line in available connected to my amps. My question is, for sound quality and being more practical should I use the line out of my carpc and feed it through the HU and this way have volume control. Or will I get better sound sending the signal from my HU to my carpc and reconnecting my amps through the pc?
    If using first option Pc to HU can I still here the voice for my GPS through the screen speaker without going to my HU?

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    I think the better option would be to run the audio into the headunit.

    As far as hearing the GPS Nav voice through the screen, you're going to need a seperate sound card for the GPS commands and run the audio from that to the screen speakers. It's possible, but adds a layer of complexity to the installation, not to mention expense.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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