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Thread: S60 wiring harness

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    S60 wiring harness

    Hi I just got a 2004 S60(very excited). I want to change the sound system since it comes with a HU613. I noticed that on the wiring harness it has front and back speaker wires but my car has 6. front doors, rear doors, and back panel. How do i connect? And if I decide to put a 4 channel amp can I just put it under the passenger seat, since the bigger systems come with an amp and installed there, does all the wiring connections go through there even though this vehicle came with a hu613? Again how would I connect 6 speakers to 4 channel amp? Or do I need another 2 channel amp?


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    i think those questions would be better asked in an s60 forum..

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    they make a harness for your car if you're only doing a radio, metra has the 70-9221. if you're adding a 4ch amp to a non amplified system you have to pair the door and dash speakers, and the rear door and rear panel speakers so the amp will play all speakers but think its only playing 4. depending on the speakers you'll need to wire them in series at the amplifier to prevent too low of an ohm load at the amp that would eventually cause the amp to overheat. the non-amplified cars will have a passive crossover on the tweeters so you can include them without worrying about adding a crossover. amplified versions of the car have the crossover built into the factory amp and if you remove it you'll loose the crossovers. i wouldn't count on having the speakers run under the seat if the car's not amplified, best bet is to go to each running board near the speaker for the connection. sorry about the long response, its a pain in the *** have fun

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