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    Amp Question

    I have a total of 6 speakers and 1 sub in my car. I have two 3 1/2 speakers in my dash, and two 6x9's in my rear deck. I also have two 5 1/4 speakers that I have added to my car. My question is If I buy a 4 channel amp to power my 5 1/4's and my 6x9's will I still be able to power my 3 1/2's through my head unit. Or will I have to wire those some other way?


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    you could do that but it'll sound better with less speakers. you're going to have multiple speakers playing the same frequencies from similar areas of the car. this is going to lead to some peaks and cancellations.
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    get rid of using the decks speaker outputs...........get a four channel or more CROSSOVER.
    and another amp....prob solved

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    just get rid of the 3.5's and amp the others..

    i wouldnt doubt it if you told me it sounds weird with all of those speakers

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