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Thread: how do i balance pc audio to speakers?

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    how do i balance pc audio to speakers?

    I'm using just the pc audio (no amp, just direct to HU)

    and I have sound only on side of the car. Balancing the head unit does not help much, it's like the sound is coming from pc to only one channel or whatever.

    what should I try to balance it, if possible? i'm running the audio from the intel valley board itx, I did just switch motherboards so maybe i should check the windows audio parameters, then should I choose a specific audio setup for Roard runner config or from winamp?


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    Check your 1/8 " to rca adapter and make sure you didn't pick up an mono one, the mono would have the tip part, and a long center part, stereo would have a plastic divider half way through that long center part... good place to start.

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    thanks, can't remember what I got for all the audio card to HU parts,

    so I will check on that. I'm pretty happy with the sound quality, just need to balance it.

    inline fm modulators with good ground loop isolators work wonders if you don't want to install an amp

    thanks a million for the help,

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    I had a similar problem last week, for some reason the wave balance got pushed 95% of the way to the left side, check the system balance. on both main and wave output.


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    you guys were right.

    I had a mono 1/8 line from sound card.

    what a stupid problem.

    but why do they even make a mono line? why not just make stereo lines?

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    So that uninformed consumers are forced to pay twice the cost of a cable when the accidentially purchase the wrong cable. YES/NO?
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