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Thread: Amp problems, help me plz

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    Amp problems, help me plz

    I have already wirred up a sub to a 2 channel, now i am trying to wire up 2x 6.5s and 2x 6x9 to a 4 channel. I took the connection out from the 6x9s that lead to the head unit and put it straight to my amp. Do i need to completly remove this wire or is it fine staying there? All i am getting on my speakers is silent static, and it is all wirred correctly, wat could my problem be?

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    how did you connect the output on ur deck to your amp? u used rcas right? all u should have to do is convert the wires on the output of your deck to rca plug em into ur amp and then run wire off the output of the amp to the speakers.

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