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Thread: Audio Carputer tips

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    Audio Carputer tips

    I just got two 15's from my friend, they were purchased on ebay. I don't know that much about car audio. I would like to install these but im not sure about connecting it to the carputer. After looking through many of the threads i still haven't been able to figure out how exactly you connect your carputer to your system. any tips would be great. Oh yeah, and the car is a mazda protege 2000

    thanks all

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    The basics go like this.

    Computers soundcard (on board or PCI) to amplifier via a cable that adapts a 3.5mm (headphone) jack to RCA. If you use a USB soundcard it will obviously attach via USB and then require an RCA cable from it to the inputs of your amp. You DEFINITELY NEED an amplifier for any speakers if you're only using a PC.

    Also please check here for more info.

    Good luck!

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