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Thread: infinity kappa perfect - very poor sound quality

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    infinity kappa perfect - very poor sound quality

    infinity kappa perfect 5 and1/4 inch component speakers.
    I purchased these recently (2 pairs) and had them installed by a local car audio shop and they are being run from the head unit (Alpine with 4x45watts)
    The problem is that they sound dreadful. It almost sounds like part of the sound is missing (a bit like stereo with only the left speaker connected) I am fairly sure the head unit is ok as the factory speakers sounded reasonable with it before the kappas went in.
    The shop who installed them say that its most likely a problem with the head unit not having enough power and that i should buy a 300 quid amp from them but i am conviced that there is something wrong. I have had kappas before and the quality has always been pretty good even if the bass was a little weak but these just distort with any bass and the mid range frequencies seem to distort badly aswell even at low volumes.
    Has anyone else out there experienced similar problems with kappas or if anyone can suggest the likely cause i would be very grateful.
    Cheers Alex

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    Yeah, those speakers are being horribly underpowered. Headunits are NOT equipped with amplifiers anywhere near powerful enough to drive component speakers. Keep in mind your 45w Alpine is probably only putting out 22w RMS, if that. Those speakers want at least 100w RMS.

    You need an external amplifier. Period.

    Here are the specs for your speakers:

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    Thanks for the advice. I can get hold of a couple of used alpine mrv-t420 amps they claim to have 75watts x2 at 4 ohms and 12 volts, or 110watts x2 at 4 ohms and 14.4 volts, or 170 watts x2 at 2 ohms and 14.4 volts. Does this sound like a decent combination and should i be running at 2 or 4 ohms for best quality and volume

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    At least part of your problem is due to the fact that those speakers sound like *** when they are underpowered. They do 110 rms X 2 at 4 ohm. Your deck may be 45 or 50 watts per channel, but that is at MAX. You usually get 15-20 rms out of a 50 watt deck. Try giving the speakers the appropriate amount of power before you write them off as sounding horrible.

    Those amps should be decent. If u can get a good deal, try that first. Then after that I would try an amp that does 110 rms at 12 v or like 130 rms at 14v. I usually try to pair my amps and speakers exactly, but I have the 6.1 kappas and they are POWER HUNGRY big time! GL

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