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Thread: Lilliput in dash

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    Lilliput in dash

    Ok so im getting my first car in January! and im trying to figure out what the best setup for my carputer will be. My biggest issue is that i'll build a great computer but i wont be able to use the functionality of the radio and subs etc. Getting to my question:

    What is the best way to integrate this

    Do i hook up my audio from the carputer to the amp or do i hook it up to the lilliput and then the amp which goes to my subs? Can i also use the radio? Or do i have to get a radio module for it to work w/ the carputer?

    Is the usb amplifier that i saw in the store any good?

    It's a white 2000 mazda protege and the dash is Double din....I was thinking of building something that would fill in the space that would be left over. like this

    Thanks all

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    It looks like that (your first link) has a radio, audio in, and an amp so, you could hook the audio out from the computer into that and plug that into any additional amps you have. That's pretty cool

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