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Thread: SQ. w/aftermarket+ipod VS carpc

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    SQ. w/aftermarket+ipod VS carpc

    Im planning on either going after market double din w/ ipod OR a carpc. MP3 playback is the most important for me. Is the SQ of a carpc with a meridian 7.1 sound card (or any for that matter) going to always sound better than an IPOD going thru an aftermarket headunit (utilizing their proprietary converter box).
    Thanks for any input.

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    better.... well it's not always going to sound better based on what you choose for equipment and how you set up the pc (it definately can sound better though). more convenient... definately (you dont have to carry around your ipod and storage capacity is a non issue. you can run full flac or wav and not worry about taking up too much space since hard drives are so inexpensive now adays)
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