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Thread: AUDISON and HERTZ SQ System Configuration-HELP

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    AUDISON and HERTZ SQ System Configuration-HELP

    Since January 2007 i started to spend some real money in car audio (untill then...just for home). By now, already have some equip.and i feel that now is the time for the next step... intend to make a fresh start with my own hands, but... for this i count with your wisdom and help (thanks in advance) to carry this project.

    The equipent avaliable is a Fiat Bravo 1.9 JTD GT:
    H.U:Alpine IDA-X001 w/ New Ipod Nano Classic
    AMPs:LRx2.250 (2x120 or 1x420), LRx5.600 (4x60+1x180), Infinity Ref. RA7502 (2x75 or 1x220WRMS)
    SPKs:Hertz HSK 163, and Hifonics Warrior 300WRMS sub
    Stinger power cables, 1Farad PCap and Oxigen Audio spk wires, will aquire Sound deadening soon to apply in front doors.

    After presentation, the first questions are about what's the best possible configuration w/ the actual equipement to achieve higher SQ (I do not intend to get into competition):

    1. Should i connect all the spks directly to the amps, or should i use the supplied x-over (3W10) for tweeters and mids, leaving the woofers connected directly to the AMP?
    2. When we transform a 4 ch amp to 2ch mono we win power at the cost of loss of this true? Should i use the 4ch of the Lrx5.600 to feed the woofers with 2x170 dual mono?
    3. Thought in 3 diferent system configs, but please help me choose the right one for my goal. Any advice or better config, PLZ describe.

    1st config: With or without X-overs? where(tw or mid)?
    Lrx2.250-> 2x120 to woofers
    Lrx5.600-> 2x60 to Mids
    -> 2x60 to Tweeters
    1x180 (Audison) or 1x220 (Infinity) to sub mono?

    2nd config: With X-overs for tw and mid
    Lrx2.250-> 2x120 to woofers
    Lrx5.600-> 2x170 to tweeters and to Mids (dual mono) W/ X-over 3w10
    1x180 (Audison) or 1x220 (Infinity) to sub mono?

    3rd config: With or without x-Overs? where(tw or mid)?
    LRX5.600 -> 2x170 to Woofers (dual mono)
    LRX2.250 -> 2x120 to Mids
    Inf.RA7502-> 2x75 to Tweeters W/ X-over 3w10
    LRx5.600 -> 1x180 (Mono?)

    Thanks, once again, ill wait for your guru opinions to mount.

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