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Thread: amp trouble?

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    amp trouble?

    well im new to the forums and i was wondering if i could get some help. i tryed to search but couldnt find anything on my problem.

    i have a 2000watt pyle amp at 4 ohms and its not powering completly. when i put it to my power source it goes directly into safe mode. ive checked every connection and wire 5 times over. ground power remote everything. havent a clue on why it dosent work. i tryed the amp on my friends system and it did the same thing. any help? ideas? i checked the fuses as well and my friend says it could be an internal problem.

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    Broken amp.

    Moral of the story: Don't buy Pyle.

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    Have you gotten the amp to work?

    If not here's my suggestion... You've probably already covered this.

    1st- Make sure the lead wire(+12) is of 8-guage. Your acc wire can be a small splice to the +12 lead for testing for now(nothing smaller than 16g).
    2nd- Make sure ground wire is the same gauge and not longer than 6-inches and mount it to the chasis and keep it away from all other sources, ground atleast a foot or a foot and a half away from other devices so as not to introduce any amp noise.
    3rd- Make sure for safety to have a fuse as close to battery as possible on lead wire
    (6 inches or less).
    4th- If the car is on (idle) while your testing meaning (your bat voltage is higher than 12.0v's you should have no problems). Some amps work better with higher voltages. (examples 12.9/13.6 and so on).

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