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Thread: What equipment do i need for a usb radio?

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    What equipment do i need for a usb radio?

    Im thinking of buying the siLabs USB FM radio:

    My car do not have any antenna and I would like to buy a hidden one to be placed inside the car somewhere. I would have to buy it from some place that ships outside the US/worldwide. Any suggestions? Do I need some sort of equipment to amplify the signals from the antenna before it reaches the USB radio? Do you solder a female motorola plug to the usb stick? Do anyone have a picture of this? Think I have seen it somewhere, but I cant find it anymore.

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    Thanks! So if I understand this correctly a signal amplifier probably isn't worth the cost and doesnt necessarily give you any gain. Would this be one way of doing it?

    I'm still in need of a decent antenna that can be placed inside the car/hidden and ships to europe. Haven't seen anyone yet that fits my needs.

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