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Thread: Building my Sound System

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    Building my Sound System

    I'm in the process of upgrading my BMW E46 sound system. The carputer is already in place and the HU as well which is an Alpine CDE-9873RB. The HU can't be moved or changed due to the fact that I have separated its faceplate from the rest of the unit using cat7 cable. It does have the essentials which is good quality, low noise 4 channel pre-amp, aux in. The alpine unit has replaced a Kenwood which had a terrible pre-amp output & sound quality.

    More info about the install at my BMW Mod site under mods, carputer install.

    I would now like to hook the HU with a 6-channel amplifier, to drive the car's 4 speakers and use the remaining 2 channels to drive a sub, which will be enclosed in a custom fiberglass enclosure on the left lining of the car's trunk.

    I have already completed all the necessary audio wiring, heavy duty 4AWG wire, gold plated positive/ground distribution blocks etc.

    I need your opinion for amps under 200.

    I've already found this:

    JL Audio A6450

    I also found some JBL amps but I haven't heard good reviews about them.

    and yes I did search!!


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    Here's a MB Quart model that while not tecnically meeting the 6 channel objective, it could do the same thing (it's 5 channels)MB Quart

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