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Thread: 2 amplifiers installation

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    2 amplifiers installation

    i have a 800w for my subs and i have a 4 channel amp for my mid and high ..i was wondering on how to install 2 amps ..or anyone could give a link to point me in the right direction.. i just need the wiring diagram ..thank you .. i have installed amps but it was always only one so this is going to be the first time i'm going to be installing 2 amps ..thank you

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    Essentially what you need to do is split the power cable coming from the battery and make sure both amps get a signal from the remote wire and a signal from RCA's.

    To start off...
    1. Figure out what each amplifier has to be fused at.
    2. Buy a distribution block so you can have a different fuse for each and amp and also split the power wire to 2 wires.
    3. Splice into the remote wire going into one amp and hook it up to the other amp as well.
    4. Hook up the RCA singal cables -

    For most amps, they have an input and a passthrough or output for the RCA signal. What you need to do is run the RCA's into one amp and output it into the other one.
    If your cd player has preouts for both fullrange and subwoofer, you can run a separate signal wire for the subwoofer as well as the fullrange amp.

    After that, make sure you have each amp grounded properly and set the high and low crossovers on each amp so you dont damage the subwoofer and so the fullrange speakers do not have to handle bass.

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