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Thread: 06 sonata aux/mp3 input questions

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    06 sonata aux/mp3 input questions

    Hello everyone. I'm a new member to this forum and I have a few questions in regards to the 06 hyundai sonata. I'm purchasing the car within the next couple of days and I just discovered that it does not include a auxiliary input/mp3. I have a ipod and im looking to use it while im on the road. I know that getting a new head unit and fm transmitters are alternatives but from what I hear the sound quality is much better when using the aux input and it might be cheaper to just install the aux switch alone, as oppose to getting a new headunit. So here are my questions:

    1. What would I need to install the aux input?
    2. What is the price for the product?
    3. Is it worth it to just get a new head unit?

    Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.



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    It all depends on the quality of the fm transmitter, head unit, and etc.....go see some professional shops to see if an off the shelf hu would work for you or if the sonata has some high end sound system you might need to change the whole speaker in that case a hard wired fm transmitter(connects right to the antenna cable) might be woth a try (40$), thats what i had to do in my 95 maxima because of the BOSE Head unit....(worth a small fortune at the time)

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    I will vote a FM Transmitter , becasue it is easy to use/install and more fliexable.It also cheap. For you case , if your car audio don't have any aux/line-in port , you need to replace it with some module.

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