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Thread: Eliminating the Monsoon HU

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    Eliminating the Monsoon HU

    I know there have been a lot of threads about getting rid of the monsoon, but most of them seem to be about 1-din '01 models. Since I have an '03 2-din model, I want to verify some things:

    • I've read here (long time lurker, too ashamed to register until I could afford this project) that the black boxes made in 03 and later posses a true amp and are not just a crossover, so I should not need a new amp. Is this correct?

    • I am aware of the 5v startup signal needed on the left channel. Can I use this solution even though mine isn't a vw?

    • If I decide to go the route of a whole new sound system in the future, can i use the existing speaker wires or will I have to run new ones? (I don't quite understand impedence)

    • Am I overlooking anything else that I should have thought of?

    I have pictures if needed/wanted.

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    I'm not familiar with your specific vehicle so I can't comment on it directly. However, in regards to your question about speaker depends, but generally no.

    If your factory system incorporates a factory amplifier and you end up pulling that amplifier, then yes, you will probably have to run all new speaker wire direct from the head unit or amplifiers to your speakers. While you could possibly install your aftermarket amplifier in the exact same location as the factory amplifier and thus pick up the wires there, it would seem to be too difficult and time consuming. Many times, factory amplifiers are MUCH smaller than aftermarket ones. Think in your head about the way that the factory speaker wire is run...from the amplifier to your speakers. Also, it's VERY thin gauge wire, designed to not carry much if you're upgrading a decent amount, you really should consider upgrading your wiring to take full advantage of the money you've spent on new components. Speaker wire isn't all that expensive at the level you'll be playing at so just consider it part of the cost of the project.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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