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Thread: carputer On+bad radio recieption

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    carputer On+bad radio recieption

    Someone know how it could be that when the carpc is ON the radio recieption is verry bad ( a lot of noise and almost can't find radio stations).

    When i shut down the carpc the radio recieption is perfect.

    i can't see any strange things on the antenne plug or cable.

    This is the hardware i have:

    Antena is factory mounted (mercedes) i think in the front or rear window ?

    Radio:JVC mp3 cd player+radio.

    -CPU inclusief VIA C7D 1.5Ghz & CPU Cooler onboard
    -Harde schijf 80GB 2.5in S-ATA 5400rpm 8MB
    -Memory 1gig corsair DDR2
    -Optical drive Combo DVD/CDRW Tray Slimline black
    -MT ATX DC-DC ATX power12 Volt/160 Watt
    -USB GPS Globalsat BR353 SIRF III GPS receiver
    -Belkin bluetooth stick (for gsm qtek9100)
    -Lilliput 7 inch tochscreen


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    My guess is you tapped the factory harness for power right? If so, you are overdrawing and causing a bunch of noise.

    If you arent, then make sure you aren't running the antenna wire anywhere near (meaning make them opposite sides of the car) the PC's power wire.
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    I have exactly the same problem. I'm taking the power from the battery (cable runs on left side of car). On the right hand side I'm running vga,usb,power to usb. I'm suspecting that the antenna cable is also running on the right side of the car.

    I had the same problem with the previous car. Once it gets warm enough I will try to relocate the cables so that they won't run near the antenna cable.

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    i have power from the battery wich is located in the back of the car where the carpc also is located so that is a verry short cable connection.

    the vga and usb cable for the lilliput monitor is going true the left side of the car to the dashboard.

    the blue switch on ignition power cable i have taped from the cigarette ligter cable and goes on the right side to the back side of the car where the carpc is.

    could be that the antenna cable is also on the right side somewhere and interfer with the carpc ,i will look into it the comming days

    i also was thinking that the usb bluetooth adapter make some noise on the radio...
    i must test that to ..

    I also think about trying an external widow based antenna..

    Thanks for the reply everyone

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