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Thread: Thanko's USB AM/FM RADIO

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    Thanko's USB AM/FM RADIO

    Anyone given this device a try. Looks like they have two USB devices. One is similiar to a pen drive and the other is a larger unit found here

    I have not seen any reviews but, apparently Thanko is big on useless USB hardware......dunno how this would work but, curious if anyone has experience with it.

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    This appears to be Thanko's online store

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    Its almost a year since the original post...has anyone tried this radio yet?

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    Go HD Radio or nothing!

    It seems that after looking at the evidence, that all of the USB radio products are not reliable in a mobile automotive environment and will provide poor quality sound, at best. I tried a few USB options before I gave up.

    Then Mitchjs produced a cable and software interface for some HD radios and we can now rejoice . This is a serial interface that allows you to tune a HD receiver originally designed for an automobile. HD radio and regular AM/FM signals are now pulled in as well as any other tuner and can be used in the Road Runner front end with ease.

    Give it a whirl...

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