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Thread: Radio/Amp Question

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    Radio/Amp Question

    I have built my first Carputer for my Nissan Maxima GLE 1998 and everything works pretty much as expected except that it's now time to finalize the setup in my car and I would like some guidances or recommendations for the audio part of the setup.

    The Maxima 1998 has a double DIN radio and I would like to put my 7" Lilliput in this location instead.

    If my understanding is correct, I have the following options:

    1. Replace the manufacturer's double DIN radio with a single DIN third-party radio and put it in the empty single DIN space below like these guys did:

    2. Replace the manufacturer's double DIN radio with an external amp placed in the trunk like this guy did and add a USB radio tuner to the PC:

    Any comments or recommendations on the approach that I should take?

    BTW, my carpc is equipped with the Intel D201GLY motherboard which has the ADI AD1888 audio codec and stero output only.


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    I say go with #2, and then add radio capability to your computer, so you can have all your audio/media needs integrated into one interface (your touchscreen), instead of having to switch inputs, turn on your head unit, etc, when you want to switch from mp3's to radio.

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    i would say go with option one, as you then have amp power on control and a REAL volume knob. the chanses are small, but if the pc was to crash and you are directly connected from the motherboard to the amp, lets just say it might get REALLY loud.

    have you brought a screen yet?

    there are screens that have a 4x45 (ish)Watt amp, motorises screen and a tuner and fit in a single din, as well as 2 in 4 out so you can still power an amp if you want to.

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