Finally someone with some one with commonsense.

In a car, hifi audio cable is just a rediculous waste of money. I use speaker cable from work it sounds no better in a car than if i were to use the cable that comes from those wiring kits.

Solid cable is a waste of time to use with car audio install. Someone who says, This speaker cable is SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR THE CAR, thats a load of bs too. They might have made it for a car in mind but if i were to take a knife to it, it would look no different to the stuff i use to drive my speakers at work.

Solid wire fatigues and breaks over time, especially if its open to the air. I'd done remedials to houses where the cable just just broken loose just behind the power point. theres no way i'd recommend putting that in my car, shorts can be expensive. And good luck trying to repair that SMD shizzle, might as well buy a new amp altogether.

and hey woof, hows your screen doing? Mines doing good XD i just gotta get a decent comp in there now, and get rid of the laptop =P

If you want REAL advice go to car and pro audio people, and forums. DONT ASK HIFI SALESMEN~!!!! i cant stress that enough, they are just concerned about the commision they'll make off you, not you. If you have a crappy set up cables wont make it sound better!!!!